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11 zero-waste workshops in Ghent

Are you looking for a zero-waste workshop, inspiration session or information session for your team or organization in Ghent? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have listed 11 different ones that will definitely inspire you and make you want to get started. We also made a list of zero-waste workshops in Antwerp and Brussels.

1) How to start with zero-waste at home or in the office? by Mixua

How do you make more sustainable choices in your daily life or at work? Would you like to reduce your ecological footprint, but don't know how to start or you need fresh inspiration? During this interactive inspiration session, a workshop host from Mixua will give you all kinds of practical and fun tips & tricks that will make you want to get started or take further steps.

Menu of topics you can choose from: Getting started with zero-waste at home and/or the workplace. How to sort correctly? How to make your kitchen more zero-waste? How to make your wardrobe more zero-waste? How to make your bathroom more zero-waste? Best cases of sustainable and circular business models?

Only available for companies or organizations as a teambuilding, training or education session. Ideal for motivating and engaging the team around sustainability.

DIY workshop Ghent natural care and cleaning products

2) Make your own natural care and/or cleaning products with Mixua

In the DIY personal care products workshop you learn to take care of your skin and body in a responsible, sustainable way, without spending a fortune. There is a choice between making your own toothpaste or making your own deodorant. For beginners.

In the DIY cleaning products workshop you learn to prepare your own natural all-purpose cleaner with a simple recipe that you can easily apply yourself at home. For beginners.

100% natural raw materials are used. Respect for our skin, our home and the environment guaranteed. You go home with the product(s) you made, in reusable packaging, and explanations on why DIY is interesting and it's benefits.

Only available for companies or organizations as teambuilding or for events.

zero-waste inspiratiesessie en informatiesessie als teambuilding Gent Belgie

3) Discover the latest ‘easy swaps’ or ecological alternatives by Mixua

In recent years, many sustainable products have become more accessible, helping us to live in a more ecological way. Think about the bokashi, shampoo bars, loofahs or cleaning products in pods. We are happy to explain everything about this during this interactive workshop and game "Find the match!". Be surprised and seduced!

Only available for companies or organizations as teambuilding or for events.

4) What is Bokashi and how do you use it? by Mixua

30% of our residual waste is organic waste that can be composted, but this is often not easy if you don’t have a garden. Fortunately, Bokashi offers a solution. With this method, you can give your residual waste a second life without unpleasant odours or trouble from flies, in a small space.

Moreover, you can compost many more types of food than is possible with a worm bin or garden compost. Mixua will gladly explain what it is and how it exactly works. Afterwards, you can get to work right away. Only available for companies or organizations as teambuilding or for events.

ecologische zero-waste workshop teambuilding Gent Belgie Eva vzw

5) Zero-waste cooking workshops by Eva vzw

In this workshops you do not only cook with local vegetables but you also use as much vegetable ‘waste’ as possible that normally ends up in the rubbish bin. Zero-waste cooking is easy, but it can also be refined and decadent. Ideal to blow your quests away at your next party! More info about this workshop.

ecologische zero-waste teambuilding gent belgie

6) Workshop recycled art: creative with waste by Muzische Workshops vzw

Get creative with waste! Work with all kinds of materials that are thrown in the rubbish bin every day. Plastic in all its forms, cardboard, tins, paper, packaging material, caps, discarded household appliances, broken bicycle tyres, etc.

Under the guidance of an art teacher, we give these materials a new life. This process has many names: upcycling, trash design, recycled art, eco-art and junk art. Look at 'worthless' things from a different perspective and revalue them into socially relevant works of art.

DIY workshop zero-waste teambuilding gent Belgie Muzische Workshops

During this workshop, you will design your own reusable bag. The participants get all the freedom to experiment with colour and shape! Each tote bag is unique, as each participant is unique. This workshop is also ideal to make a gift for someone else. For example around Christmas, Mother's Day or just a gift for your BFF.

The tote bags are fair trade bags made of sustainable eco-cotton and GOTS certified. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is also called eco cotton or organic cotton. Fairtrade bags of organic cotton are from A to Z sustainable, green and fair!

ecologische zero-waste workshop teambuilding bijenwasdoek gent belgie

8) Make a beeswax cloth: alternative for cling film and silver paper by Fleur & Fly

A beeswax cloth is the perfect environmentally friendly and reusable alternative for cling film and silver paper. They are beautiful, they are colourful and you can make them yourself! Use your beeswax cloths to carry sandwiches, cake or some fruit. They also fit perfectly over a bowl to keep leftovers.

You can keep cheese in it or a piece of cake and you can easily clean the cloth again with a lukewarm dishcloth. You learn more about the importance of taking good care of our bees and you reduce your use of plastic. Double profit!

herbal walk medicinal plants by de wereld van kina ghent

9) Herbal walk by The world of Kina

You explore the beautiful botanical garden of The world of Kina: the Garden. In this tour, the medicinal aspects of herbs are discussed. The medicinal effect of plants is often much softer but just as effective as modern chemical agents, the side effects of which sometimes require further medication.

10) Less is more: Start to simplify by De Groeiplek

How can decluttering and tidying up contribute to more peace, space and simplicity? During this workshop, tidying coach Marlies Boutens will tell you more about this and give you tips & tricks. You discover which obstacles may come your way and what you can do to overcome them.

sustainable teambuilding workshop Ghent

11) Make your own seed bombs by Geveltuinbrigade/Gents MilieuFront

Could your garden, that of the neighbours, work or the piece of municipal land in front of your house use some cheer? Then throw a seed bomb! Seed bombs are small balls of soil, clay and seeds. The seeds are well protected in the mix of soil and clay. As a result, the seed bomb does not have to be planted. As soon as the seed bomb comes into contact with water, the seed bomb will slowly fall apart and the seeds will germinate.

More ecological inspiration and tips & tricks:



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