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11 zero-waste workshops in Antwerp

Are you looking for a zero-waste workshop, inspiration session or information session for your team or organization in Antwerp? Then this is the place to be. We have listed 11 different ones that will definitely inspire you and make you want to get started. We also made a list of zero-waste workshops in Ghent and Brussels.

1) Get started with zero-waste at home and/or at the office by Mixua

How do you make more sustainable choices in your daily life or at work? Would you like to reduce your ecological footprint, but don't know how to start or you need fresh inspiration? During this interactive inspiration session, a workshop host from Mixua will give you all kinds of practical and fun tips & tricks that will make you want to get started or take further steps.

Menu of topics you can choose from: Getting started with zero-waste at home and/or the workplace. How to sort correctly? How to make your kitchen more zero-waste? How to make your wardrobe more zero-waste? How to make your bathroom more zero-waste? Best cases of sustainable and circular business models?

Only available for companies or organizations as a teambuilding, training or education session. Ideal for motivating and engaging the team around sustainability.

2) Make your own natural care and/or cleaning products with Mixua

In the DIY personal care products workshop you learn to take care of your skin and body in a responsible, sustainable way, without spending a fortune. There is a choice between making your own toothpaste or making your own deodorant. For beginners.

In the DIY cleaning products workshop you learn to prepare your own natural all-purpose cleaner with a simple recipe that you can easily apply yourself at home. For beginners.

100% natural raw materials are used. Respect for our skin, our home and the environment guaranteed. You go home with the product(s) you made, in reusable packaging, and explanations on why DIY is interesting and it's benefits.

Only available for companies or organizations as teambuilding or for events.

ecologische inspiratiesessie informatiesessie teambuilding antwerpen belgie

3) Discover the latest 'easy swaps' or ecological alternatives by Mixua

In recent years, many sustainable products have become more accessible, helping us to live in a more ecological way. Examples are the bokashi, shampoo bars, loofahs or cleaning products in pods. ! We are happy to explain everything about this during this interactive workshop and game "Find the match!". Be surprised and seduced!

Only available for companies or organizations as teambuilding or for events.

4) What is the Bokashi and how do you use it? by Mixua

30% of our residual waste is organic waste that can be composted, but this is often not easy if you don’t have a garden. Fortunately, Bokashi offers a solution. With this method, you can give your residual waste a second life without unpleasant odours or trouble from flies, in a small space.

Moreover, you can compost many more types of food than is possible with a worm bin or garden compost. Mixua will gladly explain what it is and how it exactly works. Afterwards, you can get to work right away. Only available for companies or organizations as teambuilding or for events.

zero-waste workshop teambuildings Antwerpen fermenteren De Groene Stadshut

6) Fermentation for beginners by De Groene Stadshut

Fermentation is one of the oldest ways to preserve food. Fermented vegetables contain many good bacteria that stimulate our intestinal flora. Moreover, they are more nutritious than the original product because the nutrients can be better absorbed by our body. During this workshop, you will discover for example how to ferment carrots or how to make sauerkraut.

zero-waste workshop teambuilding Antwerpen De Groene Stadshut manden weven

7) Weaving baskets with bicycle tyres by De Groene Stadshut

Get creative during this workshop where you give a second life to broken bicycle tyres. Through an easy braiding technique, you create original baskets, which are fun as interior decoration or as a gift. Ideal for people who like to fiddle with their hands. All you need are a pair of scissors and a bicycle tyre.

zero-waste workshops teambuildings antwerpen hout Hou’tHart

8) Making wooden birdhouses / meditation benches by Hou’t Hart

Nailing, tapping, gluing... make your own birdhouse that can also be used as a meditation bench afterwards. During this workshop participants are introduced to circular thinking and sustainable working. Hou't Hart only works locally and with recycled wood.

The group is challenged to consider their ecological footprint. If possible the participants gather the necessary construction materials themselves. Hou't Hart provides the necessary machines and hand tools. Besides, Hou't Hart can make whatever the customer wants. From birdhouse to 'tiny house' and everything in between.

zero-waste workshop teambuilding Antwerpen De Groene Stadshut art journal

9) Scrapbooks voor paperlovers by De Groene Stadshut

Make your own 'art journal'. What is this? Well, it's a combination of bookbinding (in a basic way) and collage. Collect old comics, magazines, cards or fun paper and recycle it into a collage art book. Ideal for creative people and kids.

houtsnijden lepels zero-waste workshop teambuildings Antwerpen Hausgemacht

10) Cutting wooden spoons by Hausgemacht

Hausgemacht takes you into the world of woodcarving. You will learn about different types of wood, how to use the two basic wood carving knives and the corresponding carving techniques and how to finish your carving beautifully.

DIY bloemschikken workshop teambuilding antwerpen belgie Atelier Olala

11) Arrange your own dry bouquet workshop by Atelier Olala

Do you love flowers but do you hate to throw your bouquet in the dustbin after two weeks? Join this workshop and enjoy endlessly. Durable and beautiful. Atelier Olala will provide a vase, dried flowers, snacks and drinks. Enjoy a moment for yourself and go home with a showpiece. (Mechelen, Bonheiden)

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